5 Reasons to Support Your Local Independent Tool Supplier

When you need a new tool it’s easier than ever to order online right there and then, but have you thought about the benefits of paying a visit to your local independent tool supplier?

Not only does being surrounded by tools help you to make a more educated purchase than through a phone, you can also get expert advice from the owner. That’s why we’re showing support for local independent tool suppliers and hoping you will too. Here are some of the many benefits of keeping you tool shop local, both for the business itself and you.

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  1. Expertise

    Shopping online might be something you can do in the palm of your hand while sat in the van but you don’t get the same personal experience as walking into an independent tool suppliers.

    Step through the door and you’ll be greeted by someone keen to share everything they know about the items on the shelves. Let’s face it, the owner of your local tool shop is surrounded by tools every day, and has sourced everything themselves, so they’re bound to know a thing or two.

  2. Try Before Buying

    Possibly the biggest advantage of shopping locally is being able to hold your potential purchase before parting with your hard-earned money. Some shops might even let you try it out first. A tool that looks perfect might not feel so great when you wrap your hands around it.

  3. Local Economy

    Buying your tools locally puts money back into the local economy so you’re not only supporting the shop but the area too. Plus, research by American Express found that areas with successful independent businesses can help increase house prices, so you could end up seeing a return on your investment in local tool suppliers.

  4. Browsing

    You could browse online, it’s easy to lose hours scrolling through the catalogues of online stores but it’s not quite the same as walking around a shop looking at all the tools you wish to have in your toolbox. This is when you’re more likely to come across opportunities for a discount or chance to negotiate on price.

  5. Becoming a Regular

    Now, this really can have its benefits. Build up a rapport with the owner and staff by becoming a loyal customer and you might see yourself getting a little discount for buying in bulk or some inside information about when they’ll be stocking a new product.

Finding Your Local Independent Tool Supplier

Thanks to Google, it’s easier than ever to find an independent tool shop near you. Even better, get some insider knowledge from fellow tradespeople to see if they have any recommendations.

So, next time you go to your phone to order a new tool, think again, a local independent tool supplier that could greatly benefit from your business.

Making the Most of Your New Tools

After filling the back of your van with tools thanks to your local supplier, you’ll want plenty of work to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. That’s where Holmes Media can help.

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