About us

Welcome to Holmes Media

We give homeowners a quick, simple and effective way to find trusted tradespeople, whilst providing UK businesses with a steady supply of new customers who are genuinely ready to buy.

It’s a win win, we save customers time searching for tradespeople they can trust and we provide a cost effective way for companies to get new customers. Your company benefits from a reduced advertising spend with a return on investment that can be easily measured.

Over 1.6 million customers trust our brands, Boiler Guide and Solar Guide to provide accurate and useful advice on home improvements each year. Many of them ask us to find companies to provide quotes for their next project. Your company could be on that list.

Meet the team

David Holmes


As an independent business owner himself, David had grown frustrated with paying for traditional advertising and found that over 50% of his customers actually started as enquiries on his website. Over the next few years David concentrated his efforts on digital lead generation and began to use his skills to generate sales leads for other businesses. As it turned out he had a winning formula and, in 2003, Holmes Media was born.

Mike Mayfield


Mike is the driving force behind our excellent Customer Service and Sales teams as they simultaneously match homeowners with the quotes they’re looking for and supply businesses like yours with your ideal customers.

Chris Tyrrell


Chris leads the Marketing department and, with his extensive experience in digital marketing, ensures our websites and digital marketing platforms are optimised to attract visitors, generate enquiries and deliver the very best sales leads.

John Byrne


John and his team of Development specialists work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of our technical infrastructure. They keep Holmes Media at the cutting edge of technology and innovation to make it easier and quicker than ever before to find new customers with our leads.