TRY Getting Leads Faster with Auto-Accept

To get even hotter leads for the jobs you want in your area, you can set your account to ‘Auto-accept’. This means you’ll automatically purchase the leads you need as soon as they’ve been verified by us.

There are some big benefits to using the Auto-accept feature.

Hottest Leads

You’ll receive these leads immediately after they’ve been qualified – they couldn’t be hotter! You can provide your quote without delay, ahead of the competition, which greatly increases your chances of winning the business.

Save Time

These hot leads are automatically transferred to you, you don’t need to manually check the dashboard to buy leads. The time saved can be better spent on growing your business.

Only Jobs You Want

You’ll exclusively receive leads for types of work you want in the areas you cover. You can also set a cap so you’ll only receive the volume of leads you need.

How To Activate Auto-accept

This is really easy to sort out; simply make sure ‘Auto-accept’ is selected in your account dashboard. Alternatively, get in touch with your account manager today and they’ll be more than happy to help you.