Exclusive oil boiler finance and central heating finance leads

Oil boiler finance leads

Does your company offer oil boilers on finance agreements? Are you FCA regulated, or partnered with a provider who is? You can now purchase sales leads for oil boiler and central heating finance.

New & Exclusive

Quote with No Competition

The oil finance leads are EXCLUSIVE to one company so you won’t need to compete against other quotes.

Receive Only Qualified Leads

We telephone qualify each and every lead to ensure that you are only sent enquiries from customers who are genuinely interested in oil finance. You can even apply filters to make sure you only receive the enquiries you want and cut out the ones you don’t want, for example, enquirers with a certain employment status.

Control Your Own Lead Volumes

Our easy to use dashboard lets you tailor the way you receive leads. This includes setting a cap for the maximum number you would like in a day, and being able to pause them at any time. You can even automatically accept leads, saving you even more time.

Great Returns Policy

If a customer fails the credit check we will credit the lead back to your account. This means a high conversion rate for installers who use our finance leads!

How to Sign up

Interested in getting oil boiler and oil central heating finance leads delivered straight to your account? Login to your dashboard to include these leads in your account, or alternatively get in touch with your Holmes Media Account Manager to find out more on 0330 134 6086.

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