Tea or Coffee? What Your Choice Says About You

Tea or coffee? A simple question, that most of us are programmed to answer without even having to think about.

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As a tradesperson, you might get asked if you’d like a drink by customers several times a day, but have you ever thought about what your response says about you?

From milky tea to strong coffee, find out what the drink you ask for reveals about your personality.

“Tea, please. Lots of milk.”

You make the customer feel comfortable having you around. Be careful though, they might start breaking things just to get you to come back.

“Tea, please. Nice and strong.”

You don’t like tea, you love it. Your order demands respect and is often met with an approving nod. Biscuit?

“Tea with plenty of milk and sugar, please.”

When does tea stop being tea and become a mug of warm, sweet milk? If anyone is going to find out, it’s you. You’re outgoing, friendly and always up for a chat with the customer.

“Strong coffee, please.”

You’re straightforward and want to get on with the job in hand. Preferring the simple things in life, you’ve had the same tools for a number of years, all that new tech just isn’t up your street.

Either that or you need a wake-up call.

“Coffee, please. Milk and sugar.”

Not only are you set for an energetic couple of hours, you’ll happily talk the ears off anyone that gives you half a chance.

“Nothing, thanks.”

You’re much too polite to put the customer to any bother. Alternatively, you’re very particular about your tea and coffee so would rather wait until you get home or pop to a coffee shop between jobs.

“Do you have decaf?”

Doctor’s orders.

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