The Holmes Media Dashboard

Your gateway to new customers

  • Complete control over lead types, regional coverage etc.
  • Access from desktop, tablet or mobile device
  • View and buy the leads that interest you
Admin Dashboard

What is the Dashboard?

Your dashboard is where to go to keep your Holmes Media account in order. You can control just about everything you’ll ever need so that you can get exactly what you want out of our service.

  • Find and buy leads
  • Promote your company for free
  • Collect customer reviews
  • Manage your account

We believe that being out on jobs all day shouldn’t mean that you miss out on potential customers, which is why we’ve made the dashboard accessible from anywhere – whether you’re on mobile, tablet or desktop.

Using the Dashboard

Brand new leads will appear in your dashboard within moments of us telephone-qualifying them, ready for you to turn into customers. Then once you’ve found and purchased leads, use the dashboard to keep a record of all your new customers. You can even save yourself the time of looking through all of our leads by setting up lead alerts. These free text and email notifications will make you aware of a lead that’s perfectly suited to your business so you can grab them straight away.

Take Complete Control

Not only is your dashboard a space for securing new customers, it’s where you manage everything to do with your company too. We might have built the dashboard but you control it.

  • Set your regional coverage
  • Only see leads for the type of work you want
  • Receive leads during specific times of the week
  • Contact your account manager

You can set a cap on the number of leads coming your way. Going away? Put everything on pause until you’re back. All of this doesn’t have to be down to one person either, we know that companies come in all different sizes so you can create several users and even integrate it with your current systems. We can deliver leads to your inbox, via text or straight into your CRM.

Find new Business in our Marketplace

Admin Dashboard We only match customers to 3 companies so they can get a true comparison on price and service, but not every quote request we offer is purchased by a company straight away. If this happens we offer these leads to a wider network of companies so that the customer doesn’t go away empty handed and our installers don’t miss out on new work.

You can access the marketplace via the dashboard and see customers who are waiting for quotes across the UK. If you’re accredited for the work required you’ll be able to purchase that lead.

This is a great place to find customers for new areas of expansion for your business. For example, you may be primarily gas boilers but you’ve recently expanded into air source heat pumps.

Benefits of the marketplace

  • Find new customers other business have missed
  • Expand into new areas
  • Find customers for new services your offering

Simple account management, flexible payment options

We want to make things simple when it comes to working with us. We only ever charge you for a lead, nothing else. But with so many platforms to keep account of these days we‘ve made paying for leads really easy to suit your business size.

Payment options

  • Pay for leads individually
  • Batched weekly or monthly invoicing
  • Automatic payment by credit or debit card
  • Pay manually by credit debit card or BACS

Expand your business profile online

This is your chance to stand out to the millions of people that visit our websites every year. By signing up, your company will benefit from a listing on our website and you’ll have full control over what it looks like.

  • Share photos of your finest work
  • Write a description of your company
  • Show off reviews from past customers to let new customers know how reliable you are
  • Display your professional credentials
  • Let customers know what brands you work with

Join the online quoting revolution

Start competing with other online boiler pricing services and meet the ever growing demand from consumers for online quotes with YouOffer – a unique platform to expand your company into the online quoting market.

  • Provide customers with an online recommendation and price
  • Get selected by the customer and you can make a final quote using full lead details
  • Set-up Auto Offer to make instant offers on YouOffer leads

To top it all off, you’ll only be charged for the lead if you’re among the 3 companies chosen to provide a final quote.