A new & unique online quoting system

  • Submit priced offers with no need for a site visit
  • Compete with other online quote websites
  • Set up AutoOffer to submit offers on your behalf

What is YouOffer?

We created YouOffer to meet the rising demand from customers who want an accurate online price for boiler replacement.

After many months in development and several consultations with the heating engineers we work with, we believe we’ve provided a unique platform for both customers and installers to facilitate accurate quotes without a site visit.

How Does YouOffer Work?

While some people still want to get their quotes after a traditional site visit / face to face interaction, more and more people are choosing to get prices online.

With YouOffer leads, they just complete a series of specific questions about their home and the work needed via a simple online form. We take all the information you require to be able to accurately estimate what the customer needs so you can give them a recommendation and price.

They can then choose up to 3 companies who will then receive the full lead details so they can provide a final quote; only chosen companies will be charged for the lead.

Save time and make offers instantly with AutoOffer…

What is AutoOffer?

If you choose to enable the AutoOffer feature, you can make offers on YouOffer leads automatically. That means finding new jobs without even lifting a finger, wherever you are 24/7!

How Does AutoOffer Work?

  1. Tell us what size and boiler model you’d recommend for a few different jobs.
  2. For example, for a 3 bed detached / 2 bath, 2 bed / 1 bath terrace etc.

  3. Set the prices you’d charge for each type of installation.
  4. Your prices are always subject to a site visit – it’s not a fixed quote.

  5. You don’t need to do anything else!
  6. AutoOffer will automatically make offers for YouOffer leads that match your preferences based on your pricing.

Why use AutoOffer?

  • Never miss a lead – AutoOffer is on the lookout for your next job 24/7
  • Save time – replace manual quotes with instant offers
  • Cut out the hassle – let AutoOffer find the work you want in your ideal location
  • Get ahead of the competition with quicker offers
  • Stay in control – switch AutoOffer on / off at any time

Oh, and did we mention it’s FREE to make offers?

Remember… It’s free unless you make it to the customer’s shortlist of up to 3 companies. That’s also when you’ll get full details of the lead so you can arrange a site visit to confirm your quote.

You can turn AutoOffer on and off whenever you like and can set a daily limit on the amount of offers the system will make for you.